Monday, May 11, 2009

Civil War in the Ozarks: Revised Edition

by Phillip Steele and Steve Cottrell

From the publisher:
During the Civil War, the Ozarks were a bitter battleground between the Blue and Gray. This region experienced warfare of a rough style, unique in its ferocity to the struggles of the other fighting states. The combats that took place in this area involved colorful individuals who would later garner both fame and notoriety in the history of the Old West. In this revised edition of Civil War in the Ozarks, Steve Cottrell and the late Phillip W. Steele extensively researched and chronicled, in new detail, the battles that took place in the Ozarks during the Civil War. With additional commentary from contemporary experts and primary sources, this enhanced edition provides new insight into the Civil War in this area.

Steve Cottrell, who is also the author of Civil War in the Indian Territory, Civil War in Texas and New Mexico Territory, and Civil War in Tennessee, is a Civil War historian and former high-school teacher. Phillip W. Steele was a renowned folklorist and historian who wrote many books about the Ozarks, including Ozark Tales and Superstitions, Outlaws and Gunfighters of the Old West, The Last Cherokee Warriors, Starr Tracks: Belle and Pearl Starr, The Family Story of Bonnie and Clyde, Jesse and Frank James, and Two Longs and a Short: An Ozark Boyhood Remembered.