Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Staff Ride Handbook for the Battle of Perryville, 8 October 1862: A Leavenworth Staff Ride from the Combat Studies Institute

by Robert S. Cameron

From the publisher:
This handbook serves to facilitate military staff rides to Perryville Battlefield State Historic Site in Kentucky.

Perryville does not face the threat of encroaching development. Following the course of the requires no special arrangements with property owners. It includes information concerning the nature of Civil War armies, the 1862 Kentucky campaign, maps, and more specialized material detailing the Armies of the Ohio and the Mississippi.

This guide offers a general sense of the flow of the battle of Perryville, punctuated by select snapshots of specific units and events for study and discussion. The battle provides an excellent vehicle for studying brigade and below operations.

Robert S. Cameron has served as the Armor Branch historian, Fort Knox, Kentucky, since 1996. He received a Ph.D. in modern military history from Temple University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in 1994. He has published several articles on US tank development, the Armor Center’s urban combat training site, and historical precedents for Army transformation. He has supported staff rides for the Perryville Battlefield since 1997.

From CWBN:
This is the trade release of a previously published government document. The exact day of release this month is not known.