Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Lee in the Lowcountry: Defending Charleston & Savannah 1861-1862

by Daniel J. Crooks Jr.

From the publisher:
In so many words, General Lee laid out the challenge of defending the young Southern Republic and two of its key cities: Charleston and Savannah. While in the Lowcountry, Lee acquired the two most famous trademarks of his wartime career. Long hours in the saddle prompted Lee to grow his signature beard and, while at Pocotaligo, he acquired his beloved equine companion, Traveller.

Charleston historian Danny Crooks examines Lee's first year serving the Confederacy, a year of confusion and convoluted loyalty. Using Lee's own words and those of his contemporaries, Crooks helps the reader to understand why Lee, and only Lee, could bring order to the early chaos of the war.