Wednesday, November 5, 2008

South Carolina Military Organizations During the War Between the States: Statewide Units, Militia & Reserves

by Robert S. Seigler

From the publisher:
Volume IV of this landmark series traces the military groups raised from all parts of the state from Oconee to Horry to Beaufort as well as militia and reserves.

In this anticipated four-volume series, author Robert Seigler presents a comprehensive review of South Carolina's Civil War troops in incomparable detail. Revealing the origination of military organizations from the three major geographical regions of the state, as well as those units whose men came from all parts of the state, Seigler outlines the frontline infantry, cavalry and artillery units, as well as militia, reserves and state troops that were critical to the Confederate efforts.

For every regiment and battalion, Seigler analyzes when, where and under what legal authority each one was organized, and then provides a biographical sketch of the field officers for every unit. Included in each company history, in addition to its geographical origins, are a wartime biography of each captain and Seigler's special interest, company nicknames. Finally, a summary is provided of each unit's major movements and engagements.