Sunday, November 30, 2008

The 83rd Pennsylvania Volunteers in the Civil War

by Michael Schellhammer

From the publisher:
The 83rd Pennsylvania Infantry suffered the second highest number of battle deaths of all the Union regiments, in every theater, throughout the course of the Civil War. They endured decimation at the battles of the Seven Days, Second Bull Run, Fredericksburg and Chancellorsville. Nevertheless, this hardy and determined unit was able to overcome loss, defeat and heartache through their enduring defense and preservation of the Union line during the pivotal battle of Gettysburg.

This book offers the first-ever comprehensive history of the 83rd Pennsylvania. It combines official war records, personal remembrances of veterans of the regiment, information derived from opposing Confederates, and secondary sources to produce a remarkable story of leadership, endurance, hardship and triumph. Actions and events are analyzed from multiple viewpoints. Overall, a detailed and thorough picture is offered of the 83rd's contribution to the preservation of the Union and defeats.

Michael Schellhammer is a professional army intelligence officer whose work has previously appeared in The Washington Post, The Washington Times and The Military Intelligence Professional Bulletin. He lives in Arlington, Virginia.