Saturday, June 30, 2007

The 149th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry Unit in the Civil War

by Richard E. Matthews

From the publisher:
The 149th Pennsylvania saw its one day of glory on July 1, 1863, when this young and untried regiment staged a magnificent defense at McPherson’s farm. Although this bright promise quickly faded into more typical regimental experience, the story of the regiment’s service under the indomitable Joshua Chamberlain remains worth telling.

Drawing on the service records of more than 800 soldiers as well as diaries, letters, and other primary souces, this book details the 149th’s battles from brigade to company level, from the charges at Gettsyburg to the assault at Petersburg. Focus is on the development, mood and character of a regiment as it undergoes changes in leadership, loss of reliable veterans and the increased individual desire for survival as brutal battles take their toll on mind and body. More than 50 photographs enhance the text.

A retired high school principal, Richard E. Matthews of Slatington, Pennsylvania, has written numerous magazine articles on the Civil War.

“Matthews has done his job well, mining contemporary newspapers, letters, diaries, reports and muster rolls”— Blue & Gray

“A first rate regimental history”— Civil War

“One of the most thorough, most intelligently written regimentals you are likely to encounter”— Military Images