Friday, May 16, 2008

Civil War Tales

by Gary C. Walker

From the publisher:
Stories passed down through the generations. Based on long-held family narratives and local folklore, the engaging legends and lore within these pages have not been available to the public before. Developed from hours of personal interviews and research, these accounts are presented in an easy-reading, conversational manner. Relating to the personal lives of many of the generals of the Civil War, this book melds fact with fiction and paints a picture of a time that saw a country divided. Read how Prof. Thomas Jackson became known as "Stonewall" Jackson and how Gen. David Hunter laid waste to the Shenandoah Valley in the spring of 1864, amongst other interesting tales of bravery and hardship during the war.

For over 30 years, Gary C. Walker has written, published, and promoted his books in southern Virginia. He has gathered the stories of the Civil War in that area and has been active in reenactments. Readers have used his books to research family genealogy, write plays, and produce Civil War art. The Virginia Defense Force used the materials to produce a recruitment film.