Friday, November 30, 2007

Waters of Discord: The Union Blockade of Texas During the Civil War

by Rodman L. Underwood

From the publisher:
At the beginning of the American Civil War the Federal government imposed a blockade of the southern coast of the Confederate States of America, including the “dark corner of the Confederacy”—Texas. Much of the fighting in Texas during the Civil War took place in the state’s coastal counties and the adjoining Gulf of Mexico waters, and nearly all of these engagements were involved in one way or another with the Union blockade of the Texas coast.

This book examines all major blockade-related land and sea engagements in and near Texas, and also includes many minor ones. It begins with a discussion of the blockade’s creation and then concentrates on the successful Confederate efforts to evade the blockade by shipping cotton out of Mexico and, in return, receiving matériel and civilian goods through that neutral nation. The author also covers political intrigue and the spy activity with the French who had invaded Mexico. The book concludes with an analysis of the effectiveness of the Union blockade of Texas.

“excellent...well documented” — The Civil War News.

Rodman L. Underwood is also the author of Stephen Russell Mallory (2005). He lives in Port Orange, Florida.