Friday, November 16, 2007

Seventh Rhode Island Infantry in the Civil War

by Robert Grandchamp

From the publisher:
With over an 80 percent casualty rate by the war’s end, the Seventh Rhode Island participated in some of the fiercest battles of the Civil War. From its muster in the fall of 1862 through the death of the Seventh’s last surviving veteran in 1939, this regimental history records the story of the Seventh Rhode Island, a regiment which was among the last of the three years’ volunteers. Compiled primarily from firsthand sources such as letters and diaries, it follows the Seventh from Providence, Rhode Island, through the swamps of the Mississippi to the grueling Overland Campaign, providing a gripping historical narrative in the words of those who were actually present.

Appendices contain a list of casualties suffered by the regiment, a detailed Role of Honor and a division of enlistments by town. Period photographs, portraits and sketches complete this fascinating tale of the Seventh Rhode Island.

Robert Grandchamp is the author of numerous articles on Rhode Island’s Civil War past. A student at Rhode Island College in Providence. he resides in Warwick.