Friday, September 7, 2007

The Union Cavalry in the Civil War, Volume I: From Fort Sumter to Gettysburg, 1861–1863

by Stephen Z. Starr

From the publisher:
In the first comprehensive treatment of the subject, Stephen Z. Starr covers in three volumes the dramatic story of the Union cavalry.

In this first volume he presents briefly the story of the United States cavalry prior to the Civil War, describing how the Union cavalry was raised, organized, equipped, and trained and offering detailed descriptions of the campaigns and battles in which the cavalry engaged—the Peninsula, Shenandoah Valley/Second Bull Run, Lee's invasion of Maryland, Kelly's Ford, Stoneman's May 1863 Raid, Brandy Station (Fleetwood); Aldie-Middleburg-Upperville; and Gettysburg. Starr focuses on the officers and men of the Union cavalry—who they were; how they lived, fought, behaved; what they thought. Starr tells their story, drawn from regimental records and histories, memoirs, letters, diaries, and reminiscences whenever possible in the words of the troopers themselves.

"A monumental legacy to Civil War scholarship." —Journal of Southern History (about the series as a whole)

"The writing style is as spirited as the cavalry clash at Brandy Station, and the author's well-formed judgments ring forth as clearly as a bugler sounding ‘Charge!'"—Journal of Southern History

"An important book, distinguished by ambitious scope, clarity of expression, exquisite documentation, illuminating detail, and judicious critical balance. . . . Here is a significant chapter in American military history, superbly presented."—Journal of American History

"The book is a bonanza for Civil War buffs."—Atlantic Monthly

"An ambitious project boldly conceived and brilliantly executed."—North Carolina Historical Review

‘Starr's study will likely serve as the definitive source on Union calvary in the Civil War." —Georgia Historical Review

"Rarely does a study appear that sweeps all its predecessors aside and stands alone as the authoritative source on the subject. This one does just that."—James I. Robertson, Jr, Richmond News Leader

Jules and Frances Landry Award

Stephen Z. Starr's definitive trilogy on the history of the Union cavalry also includes The Union Cavalry in the Civil War, Volume II: The War in the East from Gettysburg to Appomattox, 1863–1865 and The Union Cavalry in the Civil War, Volume III: The War in the West,1861–1865 completed shortly before his death in 1985. His other books are Colonel Grenfell's Wars: The Life of a Soldier of Fortune and Jennison's Jayhawkers: A Civil War Cavalry Regiment and Its Commander.

From CWBN:
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