Monday, September 17, 2007

Lincoln: The Presidential Archives

by Chuck Wills

From the publisher:
There is no better treatment for the life of the great President Abraham Lincoln than this interactive, "museum-in-a-book," which includes accessible text, photography, and removable documents that, combined, provide an educational and entertaining reading experience for the whole family. This full biography covers Lincoln's childhood, his early political career, the Civil War, and his traumatic assassination.

Includes removable replicas of notes, sketches, maps, and letters from the President's collection. Features family photographs, presidential portraits, and other photographic ephemera from the era. Concludes with Lincoln's place in history.

A writer, editor, and consultant specializing in American History, Chuck Will's most recent books include America's Presidents, Destination America, and Boom Times, Hard Times. He has written or contributed to numerous other works on American history, including Daily Life in Colonial America and a series of historical albums on the American states. In addition to his historical work, Wills has a sideline in popular culture, technology, and music, including co-authoring Grateful Dead: The Illustrated Trip. He lives in New York City.