Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Stonewall Brigade in the Civil War

by Steve Smith

From the publisher:
This book describes the First Virginia--Thomas J. "Stonewall" Jacksons Brigade--in combat from first mustering to bitter end, when only 210 ragged and footsore soldiers remained of the 6,000 who'd served through the Civil War.

Included are detailed order of battle charts, tables of organization and equipment, technical specifications of the brigades weapons, and special sidebars on the units commanders.

Color maps illustrate the brigades major battles; and a combination of vintage photographs, new images of contemporary re-enactors, and Civil War-era paintings and drawings helps to bring the Stonewall Brigade to life.

Steve Smith started out in military publishing more than 20 years ago and his career has included work as author, editor, and publisher. He founded the military history publishing company Sarpedon, and has written many books on 20th century military topics under his own name—most recently 2nd Armored Division: Hell on Wheels—and Civil War titles under a pseudonym. He is currently managing editor for a military history publishing company.