Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Tennessee's Civil War Battlefields: A Guide to Their History and Preservation

by Randy Bishop

From the publisher:
Tennessee has over 2900 recorded sites from the Civil War; 1000 of these were locations of military actions of varying sizes. Today many of these sites are threatened by or lost to commercial or residential development.

In this book a chronological overview of more than twenty of the major battles in the state is conducted using first hand documents and established sources. Maps and over 100 photographs enhance the text to give the reader a comprehensive understanding of the significance of these battles and the current preservation efforts of Tennessee's battlefields from the War Between the States.

Randy Bishop is a long-time student of the American Civil War and a collector of Civil War relics. Bishop has taught at Middleton High School for sixteen years in Middleton, Tennessee where he and his famly reside. He holds graduate degrees from the University of Memphis in Education and History. Randy and his wife Sharon, a teacher as well, have two sons, Jay and Ben, and enjoy traveling. A member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, the Civil War Preservation Trust, and First Baptist Church, where he and his wife teach Sunday School, Bishop has published articles related to family vacation destinations and the War Between the States. In addition, he has been glad to serve his community as President of the local elementary and high school P.T.O. groups and of the library board. His first book, The Tennessee Brigade, was published in 2005.