Thursday, October 11, 2007

Brady's Civil War Journal: Day-by-Day Events 1861-65

by Michael J. McAfee

From the publisher:
Mathew Brady and his team of ground-breaking assistants risked life and liberty to capture up-close images of the Civil War; Brady actually got so close to the action during the First Battle of Bull Run that he only narrowly avoided capture. His evocative sepia-toned photographs of generals, soldiers, freed slaves, and battlefields have lived on, giving new generations a close-up view of the war that ended slavery and created modern America. Here, Michael J. McAfee, Curator of History at the West Point Museum, adds his own extensive knowledge of the Civil War to Brady’s photographs, creating an account of the war as it unfolded. This fascinating view of a conflict that continues to haunt the hearts and minds of Americans is visually stunning, an excellent reference, and great reading.

From CWBN:
The exact day of release for this October title is unknown.