Thursday, July 12, 2007

Kill the Devil

by T.K. Marion

From the publisher:
"The President of the United States of America had a terrible headache…” So begins T. K. Marion’s novel, Kill the Devil. The book bridges two embattled minds: the author’s and that of the nation’s sixteenth commander-in-chief. In Lincoln, Marion found a man beset with depression, an illness the author knows only too well, himself a victim of bipolar disorder.

Kill the Devil is a story of ordinary men called upon to perform extraordinary deeds. The time is 1864. The Union objective: end the war! The plan: assassinate Confederate General Robert E. Lee. “If we eliminate him, the South will collapse,” insists the president’s top military advisor. Distraught by the seemingly endless conflict, Abraham Lincoln reluctantly gives his consent. For the handpicked assassin, Captain Jonathan Westmoreland, a roller-coaster ride of daring and intrigue ensues.

T. K. Marion is a native of Tidewater, Virginia, and the proud son of a career naval officer. An alumnus of Penn’s Wharton School, he contributes much of his free time appearing at public forums related to education and mental health. Partial proceeds of Kill the Devil and subsequent novels by T. K. Marion will fund the “Thirteen Stars Scholarship Foundation” for persons afflicted with cystic fibrosis. (The foundation is currently under construction.) Marion’s next novel, East Wind, Rain, is a Cold War espionage thriller and scheduled for release in 2008.

From CWBN:
This title was announced (via press release) yesterday. At the time of posting it was not listed by Amazon or B&N. We have linked here to the book's website, which contains ordering information.