Thursday, August 9, 2007

Voices of the Confederate Navy: Articles, Letters, Reports and Reminiscenses

by R. Thomas Campbell

From the publisher:
This work is a collection of works by Southern naval participants in the Civil War. The narratives traverse the field from the fond and not-so-fond memories to the carefully worded reports of an officer claiming a victory or the loss of a ship.

It is only through these accounts that society can ever hope to understand the courage that these men displayed and the hardships and trials they faced. These writings lend information and color as one tries to understand just what these personnel faced during this momentous period in United States history.

From CWBN:
The exact day of release for this August title is uknown. This book's August release was confirmed in a phone call to the publisher last month and contradicts Amazon's published release date of December. Should you wish to order and there is a fulfillment problem with Amazon, call the publisher directly at 800-253-2187.