Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Struggle for a Vast Future: The American Civil War

by Aaron Sheehan-Dean

From the publisher:
The American Civil War saw the country that was founded on the ideals of "liberty and union" torn apart and embroiled in some of the most bitter and bloodiest fighting mankind has witnessed. The war changed the face and character of America forever and the shockwaves of it resounded around the world.

Osprey's Struggle for a Vast Future seeks to reach an understanding of the origins of this landmark conflict and its place in the history of modern society and warfare. The major themes of the war are examined in depth by the world's leading American Civil War experts, including the innovation of warfare, the role of women and ethnic origins, espionage and the extraordinary leaders and personalities that shaped the future of the United States. The conflict is also brought to life through superb photographs and illustrations. This book is not only a fascinating new perspective but is invaluable to anyone seeking to enrich their understanding of this historic event.

Dr Aaron Sheehan-Dean is Assistant Professor of History at the University of North Florida. He completed his PhD at the University of Virginia. He has devoted most of his academic career to the study of the American Civil War and has published essays on various themes surrounding the conflict. He is completing a book project titled Creating Confederates: Family and Nation in Civil War Virginia (forthcoming). He lives and works in Florida. The author lives in Florida, USA.