Wednesday, July 1, 2009

President Lincoln's Secret (Novel)

by Steven Wilson

From the publisher:
It is 1863, the year of Gettysburg and Vicksburg, when a nation savagely tears at its soul. At the center of the carnage stands the calm, enigmatic figure of President Abraham Lincoln. In this extraordinary thriller, Lincoln sends his most trusted agent to turn the course of the War...

Twelve miles from Wilmington, Delaware, a heavily guarded ammunition dump has exploded—and lit up the night sky for miles around. On a newly christened ironclad in the Potomac, Lincoln meets with Colonel Fitz Dunaway and his beautiful, brilliant wife Asia. Fitz has already been wounded in service to the President. Now, the Union is imperiled as never before . . . and the President needs Fitz's skills more than ever. In the clandestine world where more than espionage is kept secret, a killer makes his first move on Lincoln's man. It is then that Fitz and Asia confront a cabal of traitors and spies, sufferers and sinners who are all guarding the most terrifying threat of all...

"A story as vivid and engrossing as the Civil War itself."—Troy Soos

"You'll taste the grit and feel the excitement of a pivotal time in American history."—John Lutz
"If Robert Ludlum had written a Civil War novel, it would read like President Lincoln's Spy." —Clint Johnson