Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Indian War Of 1864

by Eugene Ware

From the publisher:
The author of this book was a young officer in the Union Army - a cavalryman of the 7th Iowa Cavalry - when in 1863, after the Battle of Gettysburg, he was ordered to the Western frontier to assist in dealing with potential uprisings by the Indian tribes in Omaha. Fortunately for posterity he decided to keep a daily journal and this together with reference to the lengthy correspondence he sent to his family concerning his activities has enabled the author to leave us a substantial, highly detailed and well written account of army life on the frontier and Indian warfare from the perspective of the horse soldier. This is an interesting and engaging book about a 'war within a war' against a formidable, elusive, fierce and resolute enemy. The scenes in which Indian forces literally surround the writer's beleaguered garrison are especially riveting.